Inventory & Warehouse Management

Odoo Business App Suite integrates Inventory & Warehouse Management with Manufacturing MRP, PLM, Quality, Maintenance, CRM, Purchasing & Accounting.
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Odoo Business App Suite integrates Manufacturing MRP, PLM, Quality, Maintenance and much more like CRM, Purchasing, Supply-chain.
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Odoo Accounting seemly integrated with all the other Odoo apps including Manufacturing, Supply-chain, Sales, Projects, eCommerce, Retail POS, Employee Timesheets and more!
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eCommerce & Website Builder

Odoo = fantastic eCommerce app and more!
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Marketing Automation

Odoo Marketing Automation allows customers to automate repetitive and tedious tasks such as routing leads to the appropriate sales person, offer promotions to ecommerce purchasers with abandoned carts, automate payment follow-ups, and more!
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Customer Relationship Management
CRM & Sales Management

Odoo Business App Suite integrates CRM & Sales Management with top-notch apps for Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, Purchasing, & Supply-chain.
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HR & Employee Management

Vayam partners with Odoo to bring you HR apps that are easy-to-use, simple to administer, and cost effective.
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Odoo Project

Odoo Project app helps you forecast your needs, manage resources, and track progress against deadlines. It features analytics for comprehensive overview of your workload with ability to drill down to individual tasks. With centralized employee and task communication Odoo Project helps you stay organized and it’s fully integrated with timesheets, invoices, and more! Work smarter… work faster… work simpler with Odoo Project Management.
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Cloud Deployment Option

For those without the resources to deploy Odoo on-premise, we offer multiple options to deploy on the cloud. Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one option, but our favorite is which enables customers to deploy their Odoo applications without the hassle of setting up database backups, load balancing, or email servers all while still allowing for customizations when needed.
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