System Integration

With business applications spanning everything from Microsoft Excel to cloud-based SaaS applications of every kind, on-premise ERP, HRIS, data warehouses and more – it’s no wonder integrating even two of these can be a hassle.

Our consultants have thousands of hours experience integrating a variety of applications for many Fortune 500 and small businesses alike. We understand integration is more than just data mapping, involving scheduling, error reporting, and data transformation. To skip the hassle, have our team handle your integration needs and let your team focus on your core business. Our integration services cover:

  • Traditional Relational Database Management Systems
  • NoSql Data Stores
  • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
  • Hybrid Data Integration Applications
  • Custom APIs
  • Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Master Data Management

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Cloud Integration

Utilizing Boomi, the #1 rated SaaS/cloud-based integration technology from Dell, our certified consultants can bring together your data like never before. Boomi offers several advantages not found in previous generation integration technologies:

  • Connect to any combination of Cloud and on-premise applications.
  • No software or appliances to install or maintain.
  • Instantly deploy anywhere in the world.
  • Pre-built connectors for many common applications.
  • Boomi Suggest™—leveraging the collective intelligence of the Boomi Community to accurately and automatically suggest common data mappings.

Boomi AtomSphere delivers high-end integration capabilities such as content-based routing, process flow control, exception handling, and messaging in a secure, highly scalable and easily update-able service access by any web browser.

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Cloud Integration