Odoo Pricing & Service Packs

Odoo Pricing

It is HIGHLY recommended to contact us to understand your needs and provide you an accurate estimate of your costs. The prices below should only be used as a general guideline. Odoo costs are divided into four categories:

  • Enterprise Licenses
  • Cloud Hosting or On-premise Server Setup
  • Consulting & Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance

Enterprise Licenses

Generally licenses range between $20/user/month to $150/user/month. License costs are determine primarily by the number of users, but some applications costs are also required. Go to the pricing estimator for more details. Contact us for discounts on multi-year licenses and be sure to check out Community vs Enterprise to see if a license-free version of Odoo is right for your company.

Cloud Hosting or On-premise Server Setup

The pricing estimator also includes a section for hosting type.

  • “Cloud Hosting” = 3rd party hosting such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, etc. Contact us for 3rd party hosting quotes.
  • “On-Premise” = companies with IT capabilities to host Odoo on their own network. Contact us for a quote on installing and configuring Odoo on your own network.
  • “Dedicated Cloud” or “Odoo.sh” = Odoo’s own cloud services. This is typically the best value, reducing costs for both delivery and setup. This option will show up on the estimate as “Odoo.sh Access”.

Consulting & Implementation

Our highly experienced consultants work hand-in-hand with you to develop a project plan that delivers the best solution, at the lowest cost. Please contact us for free consultation to build a plan specifically for you or fast track your project with one of our Service Packs below.

Support & Maintenance

Most companies will want to budget at least 15% of their ERP license cost for Support & Maintenance. Smaller Service Packs are ideal for this.

Service Packs

Contact Us for a recommendation about the right service pack for your needs.





Recommended for: Support of Existing Odoo Applications Basic Consulting & Analysis,
Configuration &
Data Support
Advanced Consulting & Analysis,
Small Projects &
Advanced Consulting & Analysis,
Larger Projects &
Dedicated Consultant 25 hours 50 hours 100 hours 200 hours
Functional Consulting
Email + Phone Support
Training & Coaching
Data Importation Assistance
On-site Consulting *
App Customization
Customize Existing Forms, Reports, Workflows **
New Development
All prices are in USD

$7250 $13500 $26000

* Travel expenses charged separately.
** Only when the ‘Studio’ App is installed.