Odoo Community vs Enterprise

Odoo is offered in two editions, a free open-source edition called, “Community” and a licensed edition called, “Enterprise”. So what are the similarities, differences and advantages of each?

  • Enterprise is built on top of Community. Every feature in Community can be found in Enterprise.
  • Both can be deployed ANYWHERE – on any cloud service or “on-premise” using your own network.
  • Both come with all the source code, allowing you to customize either as necessary.

Enterprise is essentially Community with the following differences:
  • Improved user interface – Odoo Enterprise has one of the best UIs in the business and very user-friendly.
  • Improved accounting – built with North American businesses in mind, with drill-down accounting reports and much more
  • Advanced app features – Enterprise opens up advanced features like bar-code support and much, much more.
  • Studio app – this app allows users to build custom fields, tables and more using “zero-code”.
  • Upgrade & bug fix support – allowing clients to keep pace with the latest improvements and apps.

The advantages and features above of Enterprise come at a price. However, Enterprise licenses are well below most major vendors. As an Odoo Partner we can procure Odoo Enteprise licenses for our customers at the best market rates. See our pricing page for more information.

Vayam can help you choose which edition is best for your situation. Contact Us for more information.