HCM Analytics Pricing

For questions please Contact Us or email sales@vayam-llc.com.

HCM Analytics by Vayam requires purchasing one of our licenses below. A Power BI license from Microsoft is also required – read more about Power BI licenses here.




Additional Services

 HCM Analytics App

One-time cost without an annual subscription. Includes:
* HCM Analytics app
* Demo Database
* HCM Analytics Design documentation
* Data Model documentation


Professional Services Hourly Rate @ $160/hour

 HCM Analytics+ Subscription

Annual subscription includes:
* HCM Analytics app
* Demo Database
* 100 hours of Development and Support


(renews at $12,500/yr)

After 100 hours Professional Services Hourly Rate @ $160/hour

 Custom package

Contact Us or email sales@vayam-llc.com


Professional Services Hourly Rate @ $160/hour