HCM Analytics FAQs

Q: What is Power BI and why did you choose it as the platform for delivering analytics?
A: Power BI is the leading platform for data visualization with unparalleled data integration options. To learn more visit – https://powerbi.microsoft.com/.

Q: What other technologies does you solution depend on?
A: Only a browser, but that may also depend on the source of the data – read more about System Integration below.

System Integrations
Q: How are the various HR & HCM system integrated with your analytics?
A: Our HCM Analytics package can work with nearly every imaginable data source. Our demo database uses Access as the data source, but it could just as easily use Oracle, SAP, Sql Server, Excel, Workday, Peoplesoft, and hundreds of other sources. And the method of integration can be file export/import, including CSV or JSON files, REST API calls, and direct query.

Q: Which integration option is most recommended?
A: We typically recommend HCM systems export data using CSV files – which is the most common supported format and allows for small, human-readable files. How often the data is expected to be refreshed and API options offered by each vendor will influence which option is chosen.

Q: Where can I find API documentation?
A: Microsoft’s Power BI API documentation can be found here – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/power-bi/.

Q: Does Vayam handle the whole integration?
A: While we have experience with many HR, HCM, and Talent Management systems and have hundreds of data integration projects under our belt, we recommend your Subject Matter Experts for each HR system export data as required by our Import Guide found in our Data Model documentation. We will help guide your SMEs from start-to-end.

Pricing & Licensing
Q: How are license fees structured?
A: There are two licenses required
1. Power BI licenses from Microsoft. Check with your IT department – you may already have available licenses. For those that don’t this can cost as low as $9.99/mo. License depend on the size and scale of the data and how many users are mere consumers of the analytics vs analysts/developers. Read more about Power BI licenses https://powerbi.microsoft.com/.
2. Vayam HCM Analytics license, read more here.

Q: What do I need to provide to receive the quote for implementation services?
A: List of the source data system(s), samples data (extracted files in Excel or CSV), data size, refresh frequency, preferred integration method (file base or API) and if you need to create new reports or update the existing dashboards.

Implementation & Support
Q: What do we get if we purchase your services along with the App itself?
A: Vayam provides a dedicated BI Consultant and optionally a Project Manager and Data Engineer when needed.

Q: What resources do we typically have to provide for an implementation project?
A: A SME for any HR application where data is extracted, a Project Manager or Sponsor, others as needed.

Q: How long do implementations take?
A: That varies a LOT and depends largely on your team’s ability to export data and decision making on the required customizations. Customization to analytics are often quick, but unique requests may take longer.

Q: How do we get support?
A: A Support ticket can be raised by email or phone. Subscriptions come with 100 hours of combined Support & Development to be used within the subscription period. The advantage is if you don’t need 100 hours of Support, you can opt to use those hours for custom Development. Without a Subscription we bill at our usual rate. Read more here.

Training & Customization
Q: Are we required to have Vayam make changes to the application?
A: Not at all. Many changes can be made with little or no training and there are many resources and videos to learn Power BI.

Q: Can we customize the solution?
A: Yes, without restrictions. While we will still provide support, be aware your customizations are your own, and you assume any risks.

Q: Do you provide training?
A: Yes, we provide customized training based on your individual needs for the following types of users:
• HR managers and analysts
• Executives and managers
• BI developers and data analysts