You have decisions to make – we have the app to make it happen!

Actionable Insight Metrics (AIM)

AIM provides analytic insight using custom scoring and allows users to make actionable, data-driven recommendations. Businesses use AIM for a variety of processes:

  • Performance Calibration Sessions
  • Determine Performance Improvement Population
  • Hiring/Termination Decisions
  • Promotion Reviews
  • Star or Key Employee Decisions
  • Compensation Planning
  • Succession Readiness
  • virtually ANY data-driven decisions about people & employees

You can’t do this with Excel!

Example Setup for Determining Promotion

AIM calculates, scores, and ranks people. Then it goes beyond insightful analytics by allowing management to take follow-up actions.

  • Compare people side-by-side
  • Access Employee Details similar to our People Analytics
  • Collaborate and make data-driven decisions

We Worked Hard to Make it Easy!


Like Excel you can easily customize formulas to your heart’s content. However, unlike Excel AIM provides:

  • Built-in normalization so all scoring is on the same 0%-100% scale
  • Easily customizable weighting of two or more factors
  • Clear explanation of the scoring/ranking
  • Ability to review related data
  • Functionality to feed recommendations back to the source system

We work with you on the initial setup in Steps 1 and 2, then your team simply reviews the scoring and makes decisions! We can also train you to further extend the system and repurpose it for other data-driven decisions you need to make.