About Us

Who We Are

Vayam specializes in providing HR and ERP professional services. We’ve delivered consulting & implementation services to leading companies like: AMD, Burger King, Charter Communications, Cigna, Delta, and many more. We are based in Austin, Texas, with consultants in many locations throughout the US.

Unique Value

STOP reinventing the wheel! Other companies have solved many of the same problems your company faces. Our experience delivering solutions for many companies, both large and small, allows us to provide services that:

• Significantly lowers your costs

• Reduces or eliminates the need for custom software development

• Speeds delivery of solutions

• Increases your company’s productivity

• Makes you look oooh so smart!

Consulting Team

We believe in hiring consultants with years of practical business experience. Our consultants average 12 years of experience in industries such as: BPO, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Software, and Telecom. Their functional expertise includes: CRM & Sales management, Finance, Human Capital Management, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Supply-Chain Management and they’re experienced with many different ERP and HCM software systems. Our consultants are uniquely suited to deliver top-notch consulting and are committed to delivering the best services in the market.

Jon Dahl

As a close colleague and the newest edition to Vayam, Jon brings a fabulous amount of experience, including:

  • 13 years PeopleFluent product experience, implementing Compensation and Performance solutions.
  • 6 years as PeopleFluent Technical Practice Manager focusing on:
       – Risk management
       – Escalation mitigation and management
       – Solution Design, Review and Approval
       – Implementation project sponsorship and oversight.
  • 18 years in software design, development and delivery.

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Bob Grayson

A long term partner at Vayam, Bob provides unparalleled Compensation and Performance Management experience:

  • 13 Years PeopleFluent employee with roles ranging from Team Lead to Implementation Manager.
  • 5 years as a dedicated Functional and Technical TM consultant with Vayam.
  • Proven leadership over 100 Compensation and Performance Cycles for Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Certified Oracle Fusion Compensation with 2 years of successful implementation & support.
  • Specialist in Databases, Business Intelligence and all things Compensation.

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Dan Schreck

Our founder and Managing Partner, brings a wealth of Human Capital Management experience, including:

  • 18 years of Compensation, Performance Management, & Succession experience.
  • 11 years as PeopleFluent Global Technical Manager.
  • SAP/SuccessFactors experience in Compensation & Business Intelligence/Report Development.
  • Wide range of analytics & report development, business intelligence, & data integration experience.
  • 25 years in software development, design, & engineering

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